Best Electric Lawn Mower – Top 10 Reviews

There are many different reasons why you should choose best electric lawn mower for your gardening and backyard purposes. It is important for the health of the grass and for an aesthetic presence that your grass is regularly fertilizing and watering. In the last twenty years, lawn movers became a popular option for law care and more and more homeowners each year stop using gas-powered mowers for eco-friendly and quieter option.

When we compare gas-powered mowers and best electric lawn mower, we can say that gas-powered mowers are more expensive and you must keep smelly gas and oil cans in your garage for its purpose. As the additional flaw, EPA estimated that lawn mowers are responsible for the damaging environment because of them of millions of tons of carbon emission each year; electric mowers are a better option if you consider environmental conscience.

There are many different aspects that you must understand before you decide to purchase a best electric lawn mower, and that includes its features, size, grass management, safety features and height adjustment. Because of many options, shopping could seem difficult and confusing, however, that is not the case because we are going to provide you a selection of best lawn mowers available on the market. With these pieces of equipment you can rest assured because your grass will look perfect and what is most important, you won’t have any fatigue because most of them are easy to use.

BLACK & DECKER EM1700 Corded with Edge Max

This particular electric mower is perfect if you want to keep your backyard healthy and beautiful. You have probably heard of the name Black & Decker because it is a synonym for quality and you will be able to find the best electric lawn mower that contains numerous features. It comes with 15-inch light-weight desk and it is ideal for yards that are up to 1/8 acre. The compact design is great because it allows you to maneuver various obstacles and hard items that could damage it. However, this particular lawn mower doesn’t mulch and you must bag the clippings.

You will be able to cut grass right next to the fence or wall without any problem. If you have solar light, there is no need to take them off the ground in order to mow, because you can mow around them. It contains grass collection box that enables you to compact the grass by pressing the lever. You can increase the height of cut and the central mechanism is great if you want to cut higher. When it comes to design, handles are easy to carry and you can store best electric lawn mower in an upright position while you fold over handle.


  • It contains 15-inch desk that could reach 1/8 acre without any issues.
  • You can increase height and adjust it by yourself
  • It contains great motor constructed by latest technology standards


  • You won’t get power cable with it


BLACK & DECKER EM1500 Corded with Edge Max

Black & Decker became standard in the world of power tools, outdoor yard equipment and much more useful hardware that is sold in millions of pieces every year. They started since 1910 and today they are considered as one of the most popular companies that develop electric lawn mowers. If you decide to purchase best electric lawn mower you will get corded power for yard care and cutting efficiency. It starts with only one push of the button and it is the perfect alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers.

You will save time because you won’t hassle around mixing oil and gas and to maintain engine every once a while.

It is ideal for yards up to 3,750 square feet and it features PowerDrive technology that will offer you high-torque of cutting damp and tall grass. It collects 25% more grass than any other electric lawn mower and similar to the trash compactor, you just have to slide a lever and grass will be compacted to the rear and you will be able to see whether is full or not.


  • It contains PowerDrive technology for tall and damp grass
  • Best electric lawn mower collects 25% more grass than other similar products
  • It is perfect alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers
  • It is affordable


  • It has less power than gas-powered lawn mowers

Black & Decker MM2000 Corded

We don’t have to talk any more about this tech giant because it is manufacturing cutting power tools since the 1910 and today it is one of the most popular and bestselling lawn mowing company. The reason for that is its functionality along with convenience and pricing which is great. In the same time their design is simple and foldable, so if you decide to purchase this best electric lawn mower, you will be amazed at its features. It contains 13 Amp motor and 20-inch cutting deck that could adjust to 7-position height.

It is extremely portable and easy to use, their weight is around 50 pounds and you can drag it around conveniently with one hand. However, you must be sure that cord trails are behind you all the time. If you have never used best electric lawn mower before, it is better to get accustomed, however, because of its simplicity and amazing design, you just have to assemble it and start working.

The cutting desk is made of durable and tough plastic and it will cover 20 inches at once. This particular land mower will offer you versatility and it contains side discharge and rear bagging feature. Height adjustment is great because you will be able to have 6 variable heights that you can adjust in seven different levels between 1.5 inches and 4 inches.


  • It contains three in one feature such as side discharge, bag, and mulch
  • It is affordable and budget-friendly
  • It contains compact and lightweight design


  • It is not suitable for larger lawns

Sun Joe MJ402 Electric Mower with Mulcher

This amazing and the best electric lawn mower is great if you want to buy new gear and to choose the mower that could groom which is far better for your lawn, environment and of course for you. You can say goodbye to oil, gas, pull-cords, costly maintenance and noxious fumes. Even though this mower is made for smaller yards, you will get a powerful machine with a 12-amp electric motor that is a better alternative because it will get your job done with zero emissions for cleaner air and environment conscience.

You can start it instantly and when you decide to purchase it, you will get a reliable tool that will need zero maintenance for years that will come. You just have to plug it in and start, it is that simple. It will deliver gas-powered performance even though it works on electricity and that is a breakthrough if we have in mind that other electric mowers are not that powerful. It contains steel blade cuts that are 15’’ wide and perfectly precise that will give you perfect idea how to efficiently cut the grass. Best electric lawn mower comes also with 6-position height adjustment for max control and it is equipped with a 9.3-gallon rear bag for easy and quick disposal.


  • It is maintenance free because you won’t add any tune-ups and gas, or oil
  • It is perfect for medium sized lawns
  • It contains big waste disposal and a powerful motor that cuts 15’’ wide.


  • It comes without power cord

GreenWorks 25022 Corded

This particular best electric lawn mower is one of the best-selling electric lawn mowers on the Amazon and there are many different reasons for that. It is at the same time reliable and simple, this amazing lawn mower contains large 12 Amp motor that drives massive 20’’ steel deck and you can cut any kind of grass growth without any additional problem. It contains also 7 height positions so you can trim down from 3.75’’ to 1.5’’. It is important to say that this great lawn mower contains proper ergonomic, which means that you can adjust the height with a single lever that will simultaneously lower all four wheels. It is great for maneuvering and at the same time it is reliable so don’t expect any additional maintenance.

It is very easy to use because it has a possibility of mulching and you can attach plug that goes into the spring-loaded back door. When we talk about the bag or side discharge, you just have to remove the plug in order to attach the different accessory. It is all because of superior quality because rear and discharge bag is expensive but amazingly good. It comes also with adjustable height that could be locked down in seven different positions and at the end; it contains 20’’ deck that is made of steel that thinks so that you can get close to edges.


  • Best electric lawn mower is filled with excellent performance
  • It is greatly built with sturdy design
  • It comes with 7 height positions


  • You have only one lever that changes heights

GreenWorks MO14B00 Corded

In order to keep your grass perfect and aesthetically beautiful, you must have the best electric lawn mower that could trim your grass in a matter of seconds. There are many benefits of this great lawn mower and even though it is not a good choice if you have a large yard, it functions better on smaller ones but at the same time it contains significant power and it is affordable, which is why people love it.

Green works always offer a wide range of electric equipment for your outdoor homeowner needs. It contains 14’’ Lawn Mower contains a powerful 9 Amp Universal motor that has the possibility to handle small to medium size lawns. It is quite lightweight and you can easily maneuver it without any problem because it has only 32 lbs. It contains only one lever for height adjustment and it could mulch and rear bagging in the same time and that is the reason it is the best electric lawn mower available on the market. You should understand that you can arrange your cutting through height adjustments. It could cut through thick and tall grass and it is aerodynamic and sleek. Handles are tough and won’t catch any debris.


  • It contains powerful motor that could help you manage your yard
  • It comes with height adjustment which is great if you want to arrange grass
  • It is comfortable and lightweight and you can easily maneuver it


  • According to some users, bag could be slightly bigger

GreenWorks 25142 Corded

If you want to purchase best electric lawn mower that is in the same time easy to maneuver and compact, this is the right option for you. There are few reliable electric lawn mowers, but this is the one that is perfect. You can assemble it in less than 10 minutes. It is pre-assembled and you just need to screw the handle and to put the rear bag. Even though it looks small and weak, you will get just the opposite. Lightweight construction with 15’’ cutting deck is made of high-quality plastic and it gives you perfectly cut quality, you just have to start with highest settings and lever the height adjustment.

Blades could be adjusted to 5 different heights bases on how the dense and tall grass is. You don’t have to turn off mower in order to adjust height; you just have to adjust it through the handle that will level all wheels simultaneously. 10 Amp motor will do you fantastic job for small laws because you have to understand that this machine is specifically designed for smaller heights. It doesn’t produce loudness and you will be impressed with its performances. After 45 minutes you should leave it for five in orders to avoid overheating and for difficult areas you have to pass few times.


  • Best electric lawn mower is lightweight and built with great construction
  • You will get rear discharge ability and mulch
  • It contains grass catcher which is highly convenient


  • It is unsuitable for large lawns

VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Aerator – Corded with 4 Working Depths

There are many different reasons why people choose this particular best electric lawn mower and even though, most of them are skeptical when they look at it. Even though, it is considered as the cheap looking lawn mower when you understand the power that this great machine contains, you will prefer it among other, bigger and stronger types. It will maintain you a healthy, weed-free lawn for a fast time without forking, raking, and scraping like on other similar products. It is very fast and eco-friendly, however, even though it looks cheap it is very dependable and it is specifically made to deal you garden in spherical.

This best electric lawn mower will eliminate all leaves, moss, thatch and other debris from your lawn and it will serve to stop difficult problems such as lawn illness and water logging. It is equipped with Twin function that contains two interchangeable rollers that have the possibility to modify the server of the machine in order to fit the job. With aerating roller you can rake all moss and encourage your lawn to stay tidy and perfect. It contains 4 adjustable heights so that you can control the height of your lawn. It is perfectly lightweight with only 18.7 lbs.


  • It is lightweight and perfect for maneuvering
  • It is powerful enough to handle your medium-sized lawn
  • It is eco-friendly


  • It is not made for bigger lawns

Sun Joe MJ401E Joe Electric Mower With Grass Bag

If you have a smaller yard, you need a best electric lawn mower that could easily maneuver. This is amazing lawn mower that will take care of your small yard because it contains great features and power with 12 Amp motor. It comes almost preassembled, which means that you just have to attach blades and tighten handles in order to start mowing. It is very light to use and you can turn it easily and it is much reliable than gas-powered mowers. Even though it is small sized, it can chop off stray twigs and branches without any problem.

Because it contains small deck size you must make more passes, but still, it is great for smaller yards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain height adjustment like other products from this list. There are only three basic options, high, medium, low. The motor is durable and even though it is small it contains 12 Amp motor that usually seen on 20’’ decks. This best electric lawn mower comes with 14’’ cutting deck and it is always good to see a combination of tiny machine and massive motor because it will always produce raw power. It is very affordable so you won’t regret if you choose this particular lawn mower.


  • You just have to push button in order to start
  • It is easy to use and lightweight
  • It contains 12 Amp motor that will produce raw power


  • It only has 3 height positions

Earthwise 50214 Side Discharge/Mulching Corded

This particular brand is producing the best electric lawn mowers and they are considered as one of the most popular lawn mowers on the market. We can assure you that if you purchase it, you won’t regret it, because it contains many important features that will make you want it right now. It contains variable mower height through mower handle and blade adjustments will ensure you that grass is at desired heights. It contains only one lever for adjustment and you can still move from 11, 2’’ to 4’’ without any problem. It is very comfortable to use, so in all manners, you can finally enjoy mowing around your backyard.

It contains great mowing capacity and it is praised in many forums and reviews that it is highly efficient and it will get the job done. As the main addition, it contains 3 in 1 features such as bagging, side discharge, and mulching so that your work could be more convenient. You won’t get exhausted while using it because the mowing capacity is simple and it is powered by 8 Amp motor that is pretty powerful.

If we compare it to other electric lawn mowers, we can say that finally you can purchase best electric lawn mower that is convenient and you can easily work on the lawn because of its smart appliances.


  • It is strong and lasts for long so you don’t have to disconnect it for a while because of overheating
  • It is lightweight and you may handle it easily
  • It is quiet and eco-friendly


  • It is stated that wheels are not made with the best quality

Best Electric Lawn Mower – Buyer’s Guide

In the past, people often used a traditional gas-powered lawn mower in order to cut and trim their yard from the unnecessary grass. For that purposes, you must have oil and gas and at the same time they are pretty noisy and produce emissions. However, advancement in technology made impossible happens. The best electric lawn mower is the perfect counterpart and opposition to gas-powered mowers.

Battery-powered lawn mowers can mow exactly the same and in some cases even better than gas-powered, however, they are specifically made for smaller lawns. They are affordable, it will take less space in the garage, and it is lightweight without unnecessary maintenance. Noise level is also down and you will be able to enjoy all the time.

We present you what you have to consider before buying best electric lawn mower:

  • Power – The most important consideration that you must understand before you decide purchasing best electric lawn mower is the power because you don’t want that you have to wait for the battery to recharge after half job done. There are some batteries that could last 70 minutes and those with low-quality could last 40 minutes, so you have to decide what the best is for you.
  • Overall Performance – Besides power, you must test the overall performance in order to see whether grass length that you want to achieve is compatible with a best electric lawn mower that you want to buy. These features are height adjustment with one lever, self-propulsion and much more.
  • Mower Design – Best electric lawn mower is designed and built in order to perform the same function as gas-powered ones, however, gas mowers are made from metal in order to accommodate bulky gas tanks and engines. Electric lawn mowers use synthetic materials and that is the reason for its lightweight. If you purchase heavy lawn mower that could be difficult to handle.


We have presented you different versions of the electric lawn mower and whichever you decide to purchase, it is always better to choose best electric lawn mower. There are different versions and types, however, most of them have similar features and we provided you all information that you have to know in order to determine which one is the best electric lawn mower for you.